Our Story

In 2002 Pastor Chad Naaktgeboren began his ministry as a full time Assistant Pastor at First Love  Calvary Chapel in Whittier, California. After serving in Whittier for five years, he and his family felt led by the Lord to move to Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 2007 Pastor Chad started Calvary Chapel Johannesburg. He was blessed to serve as the Senior Pastor of this amazing fellowship for over ten years until the Lord stirred their hearts to return to the USA where he now serves as an Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel Downey.

In 2017 the Lord raised up Pastor Fabio Breno to take over as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Johannesburg. Since 2017 the Lord has continued to grow and bless this fellowship under the leadership and direction of Pastor Fabio.

Watch an interview with Pastor Chad about his time in South Africa

We’re all About the “Good News”

Calvary Chapel Johannesburg is a Christian community which believes and proclaims the “gospel”, which simply means “the good news” of Jesus Christ.

The Apostle Paul declared that this good news is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”

The good news is that though you’ve rebelled against your loving creator God (whether knowingly or unknowingly), God Himself — in the person of Jesus Christ — died for your sins, taking all of your guilt and punishment upon himself. He was nailed to the cross, genuinely died, and was buried. Three days later He actually, bodily rose from the grave, proving His victory over sin and death and proving the truth of His claims to many witnesses.

Jesus reigns now as God’s long-promised King, and we wait for His kingdom to come in full when He returns to put everything right and to bring His perfect justice to bear on the world.

Apart from anything you could possibly do, He freely and graciously offers you full forgiveness, genuine righteousness, and eternal life in His Kingdom, all at the price of simply turning to Him in trust. Or to put it more simply, “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

At Calvary Chapel Johannesburg we will continually invite you to believe this good news, receive it for yourself, and follow Jesus with all you have.

What We Believe


We believe that there is one living and true GOD, who eternally exists in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and that these three have the same nature, attributes, and perfections and are equal in power and glory. We believe that this triune God created all things, upholds all things, and governs all things. This God alone is worthy of all worship, confidence and obedience.

Genesis 1:1; Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 44:8 & 48:16; Matthew 28:19-20; John 1:1-4 & 10:30; Hebrews 1:3; Mark 12:29; Acts 5:3-4; 2 Corinthians 13:14; Revelation 1:4-6

The Father

We believe in God, the Father, an infinite, personal Spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power, and love; that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of humanity; that He hears and answers prayer; and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.

Psalms 68:5; Isaiah 63:16 & 64:8; Matthew 23:9; Luke 10:21-22; John 3:16 & 14:9-11; 1 Corinthians 8:6; Ephesians 1:3 & 4:6; James 1:17; 1 Peter 1:3; 1 John 3:1

The Son – Jesus

We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit. We believe in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, and teachings; His substitutionary atoning death; bodily resurrection; ascension into heaven; Perpetual intercession for His people; and personal, visible return to earth. We believe that He is one and the same as God. He was fully human and fully God.

Matthew 1:18-25; John 1:14, 8:40,58, 11:33; Acts 1:9-11; Romans 5:8-10; Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:8

Holy Spirit

We believe in the promise of the Holy Spirit, not as an influence, but as a Divine Person, who was sent at Pentecost to unify all believers into one body — the Church. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the source and power of all acceptable worship and service. He is our abiding Comforter and Helper, and is ever present to testify of Christ. We therefor believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit and in the exercise of all Biblical gifts of the Spirit.

John 7:38-39; 14:16-17; 15:26; 16:13-14; Acts 1:8; Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 14; Philippians 3:3

The Bible

We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God. The Word of God is the foundation upon which this church operates and is the basis on which this church is governed. We believe that the Word of God supersedes any earthly law that is contrary to the Holy Scriptures.

Isaiah 28:13; Nehemiah 8:8; John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Hebrews 4:12; 1 Peter 1:23-25; 2 Peter 1:3-4 & 1:21; 1 Corinthians 2:13; Mark 12:26,36 & 13:11; Acts 1:16 & 2:4


We believe that mankind was created in the image and likeness of God, but because of Adam’s sin all of mankind has fallen and inherited a sin nature. Therefor all of humanity, in their natural state, are lost, alienated from God and incapable of attaining salvation by any personal effort or merit. We are all therefor under God’s condemnation and are in need of a Saviour.

Genesis 1:26; Romans 3, 5:12-19; Ephesians 2:1-3 & 4:18-19


We believe that salvation is a free gift of God that is offered to all of humanity. All people are by nature separated from God and are responsible for their own sin, but salvation, redemption, and forgiveness come by God’s Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone.  Salvation is received through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This faith is expressed in repentance from sin and in works that are pleasing to God.

John 3:16, 14:6; Romans 3:28, 8:31-39; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Galatians 3:26-27,36-39; Ephesians 2:8-9; 1 Timothy 2:5-6


We believe in the physical resurrection of both the saved and the lost: those who are saved unto the resurrection of life, and those who are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.


We believe in the Church, the body of Christ, which is made up of all born again believers; Christ being the head of the church. We believe that the Church is a spiritual family united by the Holy Spirit, and thus being members one of another we are responsible in good conscience to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, loving one another with a pure heart.

New Testament Ordinances for the Church

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ instituted two ordinances for the church:

1 – Water Baptism of believers, and

2 – the Lord’s Supper.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Head over all the church, commanded His people to hold to the practice of water baptism and the regular taking of Communion. We do not believe that either of these practices is essential for salvation, but that they serve as a demonstration of our living faith in Him.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

We believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ which is His personal, visible return to earth and the establishment of His millennial kingdom.